Sunday, April 20, 2008


I can't believe it's Sunday evening already. This weekend was wondeful but flew by.

Friday night after work we met up with a friend and headed to the Philadelphia Tattoo convention.
I plan on getting a tattoo like the second picture on this page. When? Whenever I can schedule a date with the artist.

Saturday I was up early, partially because of the sun streaming in my window, and partially because I was going with the ladies to Wool Gathering for the 1000 Knitters Project. We got there early enough to have good parking and to be 3, 4, and 5 in line! Turns out we were part of a record breaking number of knitters showing up for a photo shoot. 131! That's a lot of photographs. We then wandered around Kennett Square, got some bread, cheese, hummus and cured churizo (sp?) for a picnic lunch. We also accidentally happened upon a mushroom store and got some amazing fresh mushrooms, including some morels. Some of them are making their way into dinner tonight.

I was asleep at my keyboard playing WoW at 9 pm, so went to bed and woke up at 6:30 again. Hello body, it's the WEEKEND! You can at least sleep til 7!

I met up with the ladies and their friends again and we went for another picnic at Ridley Creek State Park. More cheese, hummus and bread, smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, peanut butter with honey, cranberry walnut tart, and a downpoar before we were finished eating. Then we walked through the park and encouraged Jupiter the dog to go swimming for sticks in the creek.

Now I'm home again, posting instead of doing homework and laundry. Go me!