Monday, September 22, 2008

Holiday Knitting

I have so much planned, I hope I'm not going to over extend myself.

Two market bags, a vest, and some legwarmers are at the top of my list. I'd like to make some stuff for some of the kids I know, but they will be last on the list.

Hat for the hubby, that isn't 'rastafarian'.

Maybe market bags for the SILs, but I don't know if they even use anything.

I need to pick something for a friend who I love and who doesn't celebrate Christmas. There's a pillow I think she would like. She's allergic to wool, so I need something else. I wonder if she's allergic to angora. Even if she isn't, I'm sure baby stuff doesn't wash off it very well. Cotton then, damn, I should have gotten more. At least I have an idea though.

Muir is sitting off the the side, it doesn't have a recipient, so I'm not pushing it.

I started a scarf for the Scarf Bomb. If the yarn weren't acrylic I'd want it myself.

I'm trying to get back into my GAAA squares. And I have a shawl for myself that I'd like to have for Rhinebeck. My brother's socks are almost done. I just need to block the Swallowtail Shawl. Do I give it to my mom?

I'm going to go knit. :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

I shouldn't be sleepy at 8 pm on a Friday night

but, I am, so that's all you're getting