Monday, October 20, 2008

Back from Rhinebeck

And it wore me out so much I'm about ready to go to bed at 8:30 pm...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Knitting, Not Writing

It's hard to even name all the things I have OTN right now.

I just finished 1 of the 2 Scarf Bombs I promised to make. The second one, which is the first one I started is languishing in front of my TV downstairs because I forget the pattern.

I have a square for a KYSer that I'm just not feeling and will probably frog

My SOTM is hanging out because I need to do holiday knitting

My brother's socks need a few more inches on each foot before I can make the toe.

The back of the vest is at 10 inches out of about 14. It's going along faster, and slower than I thought.

I need to work on the strip for the blanket TSR is making for our girl.

I need to work on my brother's market bag and get handles for the other one.

I want to make Dan a nice hat for christmas.

I want to spin more.

My brea bag is almost put together and just needs some handles as well.

I have a ton of lace I want to work on. I want to make at least 1, if not 3 BSJs and and ASJ.

I am so excited about Rhinebeck next weekend, I'm just afraid I'll be overwhelmed. Or underwhelmed. I need to make up a list of what kind of yarn I'm looking for. I need to find out a bunch of stuff and pack.

I need to go to bed, but I'm resisting.