Monday, December 31, 2007

Quant Finished and swap mailed

I finished Quant last night, once I realized I was supposed to be purling the wrong side picked up stitches it started to look much nicer.

Now I have to go try that wrap stitch on my socks.

I mailed my SG swap items, my grandmother's Christmas present and my charity blanket squares this morning. I hope they all arrive quickly and safely.

Now for some laundry and some knitting.

Oh, and I'd better make sure my parents aren't showing up sometime today to drop off some left behind Christmas gifts. My living room is a disaster!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I'm so bad at this

I am not a good journal keeper. I always want to be, and keep it up for a little while, and then lose track.

My most successful journal has been on SG, though I usually think of things I want to write when I'm nowhere near a computer.

While trolling the sale calenders looking for something to use my borders gift certificate on (I buy books from amazon folks!), I found a gorgeous 2008 daily planner that I thought would be perfect for keeping track of my knitting projects in. Which day I started, what yarn/needle I used, who it was for. Much like my ravelry project list, but portable. Then I can keep track of how long I've been working on something, how many projects I have on the needle simultaneously. I'm sure it's full of good intentions. Next December will tell how full it is of knitting.

I just recently ordered an umbrella swift and have a ball winder on back order. This is the most expensive non-yarn purchase I have made since I've started knitting and it scares me. What if I stop knitting? What will I do with that then? I'm just wary of big ticket hobby purchases.

So, what do I have on needles right now?
Quant from knitty
with birthday present yarn for myself
Traveler Pedicure Socks
as a Christmas present for my best friend (she'll be visiting in January)
Chunky Braided Scarf
to keep me busy while I Warcraft

What's waiting in the wings?
Cabled Legwarmers
for my mom for her birthday
and 2
Ice Queen
one for me and one for my mom for her birthday