Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Edging the Hemlock Ring Blanket

I started to bind off today - Had NO idea that it was an edged BO, so I'm alternating. I'm afraid I'm going to run out of yarn, and then have to break into another skein of another color.

I can't wait to see how big it actually turns out to be!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Needles Overfloweth

What am I working on now? I cast on Arbor over the weekend. Several times - since I kept dropping stitches off the waste yarn on my provisional cast on. Then I only got a few rows in because my printer is out of ink, mostly and won't 'make up' colors when one is completely out. So I had to wait til I had access to a printer with enough ink to print out the chart. I'm being good, knitting from my stash, using EL Silky Wool in a pretty gold color. I'm not sure it's a color I would like as a garment for myself, so if it ends up that I can't take the color the way it is - into a burgundy dye-bath it will go.

I'm making good progress on my Hemlock Ring Blanket. I'd guess it's about 3 feet across right now, if sticking my arm in and measuring it up against my forearm for half of it counts as about 1.5 feet :) I'm still on the denim blue yarn - which is pretty amazing - I knew it was a big cake, but I didn't know it was that big. I have about seven increase sections left to work, and I've already worked seven.

The stool cushion is wavering around the first round on the second half of the cushion - since I need it sooner than later, I should probably use that as my tv knitting instead of my hemlock ring blanket. Especially since it still needs to be sewn together (crocheted is more likely) and stuffed.

Speaking of 10 stitch blankets, I got to work on my square ten stitch this past Saturday when I went to see the Eclipse movie with my inlaws. Wow, what a painful movie full of not much that pertained to the book. Just a lot of whining about turning or not turning Bella while teen-aged boys have a pissing contest trying to get or keep her attentions. Anyway, I've turned another corner and am working my way still with the thick and thin yarn I got from Rhinebeck. It's not big enough yet, so I'm going to keep on going with it for a while. I did get a bunch of nice single ply from Kraemer yarns for use in this blanket, and I'm almost to the point where I can attach that pocket over the blurb of un-attractive color I added in for some strange reason.

My sock yarn blanket is anxiously awaiting church of the blanket day (11 days from now).

I've gotten some great Mal in destashes for my malabrigo and worsted weight blankets. I haven't knit on them lately, but I need to get them wrangled in and put away. I think I will have a sweater's worth of Paris Night soon, instead of the bright multis I was collecting for the other sweater, which is just too bright for me. Not sure what I will do with them, although a pair of slippers is very tempting. I was going to make the Nantucket Jacket with Mal, but I might make it from fisherman's wool instead, and leave the mal for something else, Summer's End probably - or Tailored Scallops.

Traveling woman still isn't traveling very far. I just need to get her finished. I reprinted the chart, since the last time I was going to work on it, the chart was missing. So then I'll need to figure out where I am and just forge ahead. It's so lovely. I'd consider wearing it to Ryan's wedding, but I have a feeling that I won't need to be covering my shoulders for anything.

Evenstar is still hibernating in that spot with the columns. I really do love the design and want to finish it, but it's going to hibernate a bit longer.

I need to photograph Citron and my Turkish Bed Slippers. I was able to camera-photo my mitered square bag, which I need to write up the pattern for. I did buy some awesome single ply wool from Joann's with which to my 6 square prototype. The one I made first was 5 square and I need more symmetry. I am also tempted to felt it - but we shall see.

I need to get some dyeing done. Was going to over the weekend, but had husband in the way syndrome. I also need to find another twitter for igoogle so I can update my dyeing twitter feed more often.

I also need (whoo, three need paragraphs in a row) to pick out at least one, but maybe two more shawl patterns to be used as breastfeeding shawls. The first one I did, Ishbel, was a huge hit with the Mom, I just hope it works as intended (her baby boy was born on July 3 - 4 days early - and 9 pounds!!! - Glad I didn't get him any newborn stuff). I will probably use some of the Cestari like I'm using for my hemlock ring blanket for one of them, maybe both, since they are a good combination of cotton and wool, and knit up quickly due to their almost worsted-weighted-ness. I like the triangular shawl with a garter or stockinette panel at the top to hide the baby and its meal, with a pretty edge to dress things up. Regular breastfeeding blankets are ugly and obviously not fashion accessories. I prefer a shawl that can be used as an actual fashion accessory when the baby is eating on its own! The first one (that I'm sure about) isn't needed until November. The BoneYard Shawl might be a good choice. Or maybe I can do Milkweed again. Or go for Multnomah, Herbivore, Saroyan, the Ten Stitch Triangle, or Damson... At least I have choices... It will also depend on which yarn I use, since some of these won't look right in plain plain yarn...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hemlock Ring Update

I'm finally on the feather and fan portion, and buggered it up by not paying attention to which row I was on - luckily I'm using stitch markers and was able to tink back and remind myself to pay attention.

I'm still on my original circular needle, and will be for at least one more increase, then its on to the next length up. I still seem to have plenty of the denim yarn.

Speaking of which - this yarn is delicious. I'm already planning another breastfeeding shawl and I will probably use this yarn for it as well.