Thursday, June 19, 2008

Swallowtail Shawl

I cast on for the TSR Swallowtail Shawl KAL this afternoon after much agonizing over fiber and color. I settled on a 70/30 merino/silk mix in a color called pinot. I'm very much excited over it. I did order a second skein (dye lot be damned) to make the shawl bigger than the pattern calls for (I'm following someone elses modifications, I'm not that brave), but if it works out well, I might make it in bigger yarn on bigger needles.

This is one of three lace shawl/stoles that I have in progress right now.

I want to start Sam's birthday present but I'm still not sure if I want to do the scarf/hat or the sweater. The sweater is really damn cute, but I'm scared of it.

I need to get a scanner that is vista compatible, and I need ink for my printer. Trying to get to the copier at work isn't really that great of an idea, and I rarely get the chance.

I finally found a semi-local place to get the sock yarn for my mom's toe-less/heel-less socks. They have an online store, and I hope they have the color I want in stock still. I figured, $6 shipping was worth not having to drive out there, and I wouldn't buy any more yarn like I might in the store.

I'm going to be making a hat for one of my co-workers (nobody tell my other co-worker that wants the urban chunky gloves that I haven't started yet), and I think she is going to buy some malabrigo for it. I have to find a good pattern though. Maybe the Owl Cable Slouch, or the Butterfly Hat, or the Foliage, (this one is getting a big push toward being the one, as it has a chunky version and I can get nice chunky malabrigo on my way home from work), Lyre is fun too.

Before camping I need to finish the condom cozy I'm making as part of a prize pack.

The birthday something and the hat need to get done by the end of July. Well, the hat I probably have through August, but Sam's birthday is August 1. I really ought to finish my brother's Christmas socks before his birthday in August, and I'd love to make something for Dan, but he's pretty impossible.

My MIL's birthday is in July, right when we get back from camping, but I don't know if she's ever worn anything I've made her.

My SIL's birthday isn't until October, so we'll procrastinate on that for a little while. If I make her anything. Like her mom, not sure if she's ever worn anything I've made her.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yesterday was World Wide Knitting in Public Day.

So, we (and I use that term loosely to mean, I showed up, and made name tags, but didn't really make any decisions, that was left to others) hosted an event in Rittenhouse Square in Philly. I made 25 name tags, figuring, we'd use maybe 10 or so. They were all used up, and there were at least 10-15, if not 20 more people there.

There was a bunch of really good food, pasta salads, cookies (vegan and not), guacamole, gazpacho, fresh picked strawberries.

The cranky 'I think knitters are posers guy' from Philadelphia Weekly showed up and charmed us into interviews, and then told us who he was. I guess maybe he knew we'd tie him to a tree and cover him with peanut butter for the squirrels if we decided not to stab him with our knitting needles.

It was hot, but we sat there all day, under the trees, sharing stories and coming and going. It was really a very cool thing to walk across the park and see a big group of people knitting. I think we're going to do it again in the fall.

Of course now, my joints are all stiff from sitting on the ground all day. Next time I'm going to bring smaller food, and a chair!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Socks, Shawls Bags, and Baby Clothes

The new Knitty is out, and what did I add to my queue? Socks (hello dear, pick a pair and MAKE THEM ALREADY YOU HAVE SOCK YARN COMING OUT YOUR EARS), a lace shawl (of course), a grocery bag, and a cute girl baby sweater. I don't really know any girl babies any more.

I need to knit more. Why am I writing?