Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lady Eleanor

Is FINISHED! Fringe knotted, blocked, dried. DONE! I'm so excited - it turned out so well.

I think I want to make a felted entrelac bag to match with the remaining yarn.

I'm having a hard time picking my next project. I need something I can work on while I watch TV. I have a shawl started, so it can't be that. I want to do another pair of socks, but I'm torn in so many directions. It's more a matching a pattern with a yarn at this point, as I have so many that I like and want to do.

Speaking of socks, I know I was going to give the prize out earlier, but I promise it will be next week. I'm in the cuff, I'm going to finish them.

So back to my next project, I have a lace shawl so lace and shawl is out. I did just get a kit for a laptop bag for my parents - but it's colorwork and I'm scared. I have the yarn I need for my February Lady sweater.

So I guess I need to find a bag pattern, print out the February Lady Sweater, and pick another sock pattern.

And I need to make those damn gloves for my friend.

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Deneen said...

Pics? Are you forcing me to go to Rav to find them?