Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm going to swatch now

Except for the shawls. I'm not going to swatch them because it doesn't matter. But I'm determined to knit some clothing besides socks (and yes, I know you are supposed to gauge socks, but I'm still not), and I have a feeling they will turn out too small if I don't swatch first.

I have to finish my bag first. And I have to find the baby bootie pattern. And the amazing head start I had on my square of the month is gone. I have to tackle those cables on June.

My sexy new yarn is calling me from my stash. Wind me at least, it says. Re-read the pattern you're going to share me with. Cast on. Go ahead. So far I'm ignoring it. I have the baby hat almost finished. I have to put buttons on the vest.

I need to make my brother's socks. And another pair for my dad. And a first pair for my mom.

I want to make my husband a computer chair cosy. For the back part, where his shoulders touch and get chilly but the blanket always falls off and gets stolen by the dog.

The freeform piece just needs a little something else. Then I'm mailing it. I promise.

I want more knitting books.

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