Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sock Contest

I've been kicking around the idea of a sock contest for a while now, and I think I'm ready to go ahead with it. I love making socks. However, I've never been able to complete even 1 sock made of sock yarn. I've had several different pairs started, most haven't gotten past the cuff.

So, I'm going to throw this out there and see if maybe it works.

Take a look at my stash, and my sock queue, and maybe even my library. Pick out a sock pattern and a yarn that you think I'll actually be able to complete. Or suggest a free pattern that I don't have queued. I have to be able to knit it from my stash, and I'm pretty sure that with a few exceptions that aren't sock yarn, it's complete. I have most needle sizes so I'm not to worried about that, the point is that I use my sock yarn stash to complete a pair of socks.

The socks have to be over the ankle. The socks I wear most often have about a 3 inch cuff. They can't be much shorter than that. I love knee highs but it's probably not practical for this to suggest something that will have to reach my knees. I am going to be knitting both socks at once, either on two circulars, or magic loop, so if the pattern is written for dpns, make sure it's something I'll be able to convert pretty easily (or, convert it for me!)

What's in it for you? For the person whose pattern/sock suggestion I choose and complete I'll put together a kit including yarn and a pattern worth at least $20. Whether you choose to have me print a free pattern and spend it all on yarn or not, is up to you. I may have runner up prizes, and/or a prize for the most creative suggestion whether I finish the socks or not.

The deadline for suggestions is January 24. All suggestions have to be made as comments on this blog.

If you have any questions, send me an email or a message on Ravelry!


canuckchick (rav) said...

pattern #110 in naked sheep's purple sock

Carrie said...

curlie here....

I've thought about your dilemma, and realized that the point is really finishing the sock, not necessarily embarking on the coolest project with the most beautiful yarn. Though you really don't have anything uncool or ugly in your stash, so that's easy!

What makes me motivated on a project? The first thing is yarn that feels good. The yarn has to be something that you'll keep knitting just so you can run more of it through your fingers.

The second thing is color. I'm always more interested in a project when it's either a medium-variegated or self-striping yarn, because I always want to knit through the current color to see what's next!

So my yarn submission is your Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Multi in Ashburn. A lovely colorway with longer variegations and the yarn is super-soft and wonderfully stretchy. Once you start with Lorna's Laces, you never want to put the project down.

Next - the pattern! Something that goes quick would help. Something that has enough complexity that it keeps your interest, yet not so much complexity that you have to "buckle-down" to knit it. Lace is good because there are holes - fewer stitches to knit! So my pattern submission is Bellatrix by Monkey Toes. It's written for 2 circs, so no translating. Good use of yarn-overs to keep the pattern moving quickly, with an 8-round repeat that's not too tough to follow.

I hope you like my submission, and good luck with the project whatever your final choice is!

Laurel said...

I like the JL Vinca using pattern #134, Hourglass. Hope you get motivated to finish the entire pair...which ever yarn and pattern you choose.

Sarah said...

Ok, so you obviously need to be entertained. At first I was going to offer you Mesmer by Chloe Sparkle, which is an excellent way to defeat the second sock syndrome because the cables twist in different ways. However, you are knitting these at the same time, so that might just confuse you. Plus, your real problem is that you can't even finish ONE sock.

I think you may just be coming at this from the wrong angle. And by that, I mean, you need to start at the opposite end of the sock and knit it toe-up!

This will keep you entertained because it will be different from the defeats of years previous, and you be kept motivated because you will see the socks forming to fit on your lovely little toes.

Here's a perfect base toe-up sock pattern to give teach you how to knit toe-up. Best of all, it's done on circulars!

You should use yarn that you can fall in love with, so I would go with something that has alpaca in it. Go with the Knit Picks Imagination in the lovely Wicked Witch colorway. It's rich and soft and will make you eager to keep going!

I'll recommend Monkey Toes's delicious toe-upNagini pattern for the specifics, for the snakelike in you. The crossed pattern on the front of the sock looks awesome. :)


Susan said...

Hi Nyssa - Stashmore here - My vote is that you take the malabrigo sock - whatever color it is - and squeeze it a bit. Then choose either Embossed Leaves or Retro Rib from your Favorite Socks book. Then when you get to the point where you're getting bored - whether it's 2 days into the project, 2 weeks, or whatever - post some pix on KYS Jabbermouths, magic linking to me, and I'll post a bribe that will get you to keep going til you finish.

Janette said...

I choose #120 Spring Forward in the blue Tofutsies. Every other row is SS. Easy to memorize pattern. You could do these on the go or not.


Peversia said...

I've got two suggestions:

Express Lane in the Imagination Hand Painted in Wicked Witch


Singing in the Rain in the Knit Picks Gloss in Cosmos

Heather said...

Fun contest!

My suggestion is Waving Lace Socks ( in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Multi.


Janet said...

Pattern 93: garter toes in Nakedsheeps lucious purple merino silk sock yarn!

Such gorgeous yarn will feel so soft on your hands you'll want a quick and easy pattern so you can feel it on your toes and I think this simple pattern will show off the colors in the yarn perfectly and feel delicious on your feet!

Janet Your ravelry friend jani22

Janet said...

OOOh I have another one for you :)

Knitty Twist ( in the grey Bernat shetland - but first you have to dye it a lovely dark crimson red ;)

Janet said...
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Janet said...

sorry forgot the pattern

What i meant to say is .......

is this one

in your queue? if not it should be and you should knit it up (for me) in your celstari natural :)

azlynnknits said...

Hi Nyssa, it's Terri (Azlynn from Rav )!

I suggest using the Spring Forward pattern with Knitpicks Imagination in colorway Looking Glass.

Spring Forward for a fresh new start, and the Looking Glass colorway has a fresh, clean color that would look perfect for that pattern.

krista said...

Well I'm a sucker for a fine, fine yarn, so I'm going to suggest the Malabrigo sock, for sure because Solis is a gorgeous color, the yarn is luscious and squishy, and that means you'll not get tired of feeling it up. ;)

As for a pattern, I totally recommend Bellatrix. I've knit it twice, and both times, I've been absurdly pleased with the result. If ever there was a pattern that was easy and fun (dropping stitches never ceases to amuse me) that went quickly AND resulted in really, really lovely socks, it's that one. Plus, you can ponder the finer points of the exquisitely lovely Helena Bonham Carter and her portrayal of the deliciously wicked Bellatrix Lestrange, namesake of this fantastic pattern. ;)

elaine52 said...

I've thought about this for a while and I think you should combine those things you really love together...lace and your birthday yarn.

So, I think you should use your Malibrigo sock yarn with the Waving Lace Socks from the IK Favorite Socks Book. I think the yarn would look so pretty in that pattern. Just imho. :-)

Elaine (elaine52 on Ravelry)