Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Know You are Waiting

To see which sock I'm going to attempt to start - and finish - and who is going to get a cool prize.

Right now I (stupidly) decided I needed to knit things for some of my swaps and they are all due the end of this month.

I also have to put closures on the two BSJs I made for my co-worker.

I may abandon one of the swap projects, because everything I've tried just hasn't worked for me. I need to sit down with all my swaps (somehow I have 4 going on right now) and get them inventoried so I know if I need to do anything else for them.

Two of them are 'due' on the 28th. One of them has to be mailed the other one has a little more leeway. One of them I still want to order something for, which I can't do until tomorrow.

I really would like to have socks made before I'm in flipflops/no shoes for until it gets cold again.

I have to finish a thumb, weave in ends and block my mom's birthday presents (we're getting together on the 21st).

I have a shawl I started for myself that I LOVE and haven't had a chance to work on at all.

I need a sugar mama that will let me knit when I want to and work when I want to!

Speaking of work...


shamroxknits said...

i have often had lovely thoughts about tellingthe boy that, by the way,i was going to quit work and knit full time (and, no, not to sell, for me!) if you get that sugarmamma, i'm going to be insanely jealous!

alittlebitofscrap said...

I just need a housekeeper.. don't know about the sugar mama.. too many demands. ;) Sounds like you are one busy gal!