Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's been a while

I had claimed some boomerang quite some time ago, and it was already caked. My knitting ‘rules’ this year include knitting from my 10 in 2010 list, gift knitting (which should use that list or already caked yarn if possible), or knitting with caked yarn.

I’m making an entrelac scarf. I have no reason to make it except I wanted some ‘brainless’ knitting and I was getting a wee bit bored with my Ten Stitch Twist Blanket - which isn’t on my list but is my brother’s birthday present as a foot stool cushion.

Today is part one of knit in public day - I hope to make some progress on my traveling woman shawl, so I can finally cast on Garden of Alla - which I bought yarn for at MDSW

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