Sunday, January 6, 2008

Geocaching, Scarves, Squares and my Swift

My Swift arrived, my husband thinks I'm crazy having a special piece of equipment to wind yarn. Right now I'm using it as a sculpture in my living room, as the winder is still on back order. I'm very excited.

Some crazy part of me decided to make some late Christmas scarves for a few friends. One down, two to go! I started to make fetching, didn't like it in the yarn I had, and had converted from dps to both pieces on two circs, not paying attention to needing to have a certain amount of sts on each needle for the cable pattern. I'll do them again some other time.

Was supposed to go to my LYS for the January Celtic Square of the month, but was working on Decembers and decided that I'd pick my own order and do my own square each month. I feel guilty, but as of right now, I don't need to practice the sts for three hours before starting the square, and I can use that $10 to buy yarn.

This afternoon I went geocaching with my parents. If I can find a buddy and a GPS I would be in trouble. I love going on treasure hunts and short walks. I may find out if someone in my knitting circle or in the regional SG group is interested and do more with them. Solo-caching isn't for me, and I can't expect my parents to come visit every weekend.

What really makes it exciting is that the alien that I knitted is now a travel bug. I can't wait til my Mom emails me the pictures of where we started it's travels.

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