Saturday, January 12, 2008

Got my Swap, New Needles and a Gift Card to a Store I Don't Shop at

I got my SG gift swap in the mail this past week. I got a beautiful hand-knit scarf, awesome notions (stitch markers, tapestry needles, etc), and 2 skeins of recycled silk yarn. Once I finally get my ball winder I can start looking at what I want to make with it.

My KnitPicks Harmony needles arrived - I got sizes 1, 2 and 3 - and am knitting on the 2s right now. I love them! I wish there was a more convenient way to get them, and I can't afford to buy them all now, but I think I will work my way through them. I'm hoping to just get the interchangable set rather than all fixed. So, my plan is to save money, buy the fixed ones that don't come in the interchangables, and get the interchangables sometime. Maybe once my bank account is happier, I can use my grandparents Christmas money for part of it.

If only my MIL had purchased me a gift certificate to them instead of to Barnes and Noble. She meant well, but the nearest store isn't near me at all, and browsing online is hard to do. I almost bought Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series - but I've heard mixed reviews and I'd rather buy them for less on Amazon. So now I have the SnB nation book in my bag, along with The Golden Compass (plus the other two in the series)

So, what do I purchase with the rest of the gift card? I want more pattern books, but my Ravelry queue is already out of control. I love to read, but really feel like I should just go to the library.

Oooh, I think I have it figured out. The new Vampire Huntress book comes out in February. I'm going to pre-order it - YAY!

Class starts on Monday. I'm taking Intro to Interpersonal Communication. Whee. I have to get this degree finished. I have to transfer last semester's credits. I forget how.

Things I want to do that are fun:
Finish reading my library book
Go Geocaching
Have several game nights
Play guitar hero/rock band
Play in the yard with my dogs
Read the Chronicles of Narnia with my husband
Level my Shaman
Get my Tattoo
Go bowling
Go out to dinner with my best man and his family

What I'm knitting now (and I'm too lazy to make links)
Two Alert Cat Socks (for my mom)
A gift
January Square of the Month
Thuja socks for Dad (I have to add some length to the foot and redo the toe)

What I've finished recently
Three gifts for three separate people

What I want to knit soon
Something entrelac using leftover yarns from the above projects
Baby knits for a number of babies I know (I'm so glad I have friends with children)

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